Deniz Eaton

Hi! I’m Dee-lover of red wine, 100% dark chocolate (yep you read that right), and all things travel, so I’ll be using this platform to share my faves. Everything from cool locations, places to stay, beautiful national trusts, yummy food, and people I meet and get to document along the way.

I started my photography career working for a celebrity chef in LA over 15 years ago, moved to weddings and families, and now my passion is documenting and sharing life abroad. My family and I live bi-coastal (LA & UK), which helps me create a diverse range of content.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to ignite in you, adventure, finding the joy out of LIVING life, and opening up a world of culture to you.

Work: Travel Journalism, Instagram Content Creation, Copywriting, Virtual Assisting, Travel Planning, E-commerce, and Photography.

Contact for collabs/support: shutterdee@gmail.com

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