Corfu, Greece

Have you been to Corfu? Maybe you’ve heard of the Durrell family, or watched the show? The show really highlighted Corfu’s beauty. The house they lived in, now turned restaurant, is a must-visit.

Flying over the Swiss Alps was awe-inspiring. I mean jaw-on-floor moment. Then later, as the plane gradually descended, I gazed out of the window. Watching as we circled the island, I was left shaking my head in amazement. As the sun slowly tucked away, I took a deep breath and released it with thankfulness.

We finally arrived at our townhome that our host Spiros rented to us. (Spiros is a VERY popular name here. HA!) We ordered food, went to bed, and desired to rush sleep, so we could get up and explore. I remember laying there in the morning with my eyes closed, listening to what Corfu sounded like in the morning. Roosters, dogs barking in the distance, and the sounds of our neighbors preparing for their day.

As we drove around, we took in the most stunning views of this Venetian-inspired island, capturing sights of rustic, textured villas, and wild grapevines growing over carports, pergolas, and entryways. We turned on some Greek music and stared outside as we whipped around the skinny winding roads, that were hugged by lush cliffs, lined with cypress trees. Peering down to the boats, playing in the clear warm waters, excitement overtook the kids. They swam until their fingers and toes wrinkled.

We passed the locals cooking outdoors, hanging their clothes on lines off balconies, and breathed in the striking smell of Mediterranean food, as we passed by the many “tavernas”. OH, THE FOOD! I can’t even handle it!

We love wine, so one of the top things on our list was to explore some of Corfu’s wineries. Their wine is very unique and organic. We met the winemakers, laughed with our pourers and the table of tasters next to us, tried the delicious homemade savory food from the in-house chef, and walked around beautiful properties.

Swimming, exploring, eating, and shopping… every day was a treat. I hope you too, get to experience this island.

Enjoy some of my phone pics below.

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